What’s the best job in the world?

It’s not just a matter of what you do, but where you do it! Some people might say that being a celebrity and living your life in the spotlight was the best job on earth, while others may disagree. But what about jobs that are considered more “normal” like being a doctor or an engineer? Let’s break them down and decide for ourselves which one is truly the best!

In the first place, what does a doctor do? A doctor helps to heal sick people. He also encourages other healthy people to lead healthier lives so that they can prevent sicknesses from happening in the future. Doctors also help to save life by performing surgeries such as heart transplants and organ transplants.

Doctors tend to work during typical working hours of either early morning or late afternoon until night as well as on weekends and public holidays due to emergency cases or scheduled operations needing their presence. Even though doctors have lighter workloads compared to engineers who are constantly on call 24/7 in most instances, doctors still need time for their own personal activities after work like being with their families outside of work hours.

A doctor not only needs vast knowledge of medical procedures and knowledge of the human anatomy, but also needs to be really good at communicating with people through his/her speech, reading and writing.

An engineer on the other hand is a person who specializes in scientific and practical problems related to engineering. Engineering requires strong logical skills which very few people possess naturally so it takes years of studying just to become a qualified one! Engineers are able to solve different types of problems including mathematical equations as well as various scientific or physic-related ones. An example would be how a car drives using its engines. Another example would be how windmills work due to their ability to generate energy from wind currents in order for mankind to use it later on for other purposes such as lighting lamps or even powering televisions.

Engineers tend to work continuously throughout the day and night on projects that they are currently assigned regardless if it is weekend or public holiday due to deadlines. Engineers in most instances have more workloads than doctors because engineers always need to be prepared for when problems come up (as in a natural disaster) where they can help either directly or indirectly with their knowledge of science and technology. However, even though engineers may not see patients as often as doctors do, engineers take pride in knowing that they truly make the world a better place through what they do everyday! 

Jobs on yachts are amongst the best and the most exiting jobs on earth! These jobs are given by the yacht owners to their part time or full time workers, who in turn will be fulfilling guest’s needs for them. They will be attending to their every need and wish – without questioning! Yacht workers have the best job on a boat because they do not need to spend money on clothing; everything they need is provided for them on board of the yacht, as well as free food and drinks all day long.

The yacht owner will usually hire people who are charming, talkative and have a welcoming personality so that guests feel comfortable when spending time with these crew members during their stay onboard of the luxury floating vessel. 

These jobs are not only reserved for people from Europe or America. People from can apply to work as well, as long as they are locals and their English is good enough. The only problem with these jobs would be the fact that you have to live in a boat or on a yacht for weeks, or even months without having any access to clean water (bathtubs), let alone any other normal facilities like your own bathroom!

These people get paid really well – at least $1000 per week for yacht jobs. If you think you have what it takes to do this job, then go ahead!

Over water bungalows with steps into amazing green lagoon

Working on private island as a manager or so, can be very rewarding if you enjoy nature and great weather all year round. The only downside would be the fact that you live on a private island, which can get quite boring after some time – especially if you are not used to isolation and being alone all year round.

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