What are the most exotic jobs on the planet?

Write an article about the most exotic jobs on the planet. Some of these jobs include being a safari guide, lion tamer and even working on a luxury yacht. The world is your oyster if you want to find an adventurous job that will help you live out your dreams!

To be a safari guide is an extremely exotic job. These people need to endure almost every kind of weather condition, from freezing cold temperatures in the artic, to the scorching heat on top of a desert dune. But they do not only get to see some of the most amazing animals on earth; they are also witnessing the magic of the wild and all its splendour first hand while helping tourists become one with nature.

To be a lion tamer is something that few would like to do because it’s very common that these big cats can suddenly change their mind about you, with you ending up as their lunch instead! And yet this is still considered quite an exotic job because these people have an extremely adventurous spirit and they are willing to risk their life for the thrill of living on the edge.

A chocolate manufacturer or confectioner is a very exotic job because these people get to see the whole process of making chocolate from planting cocoa beans all the way up until they are packaged and ready to be sold. This is an extremely good job if you like sweets, although it’s not one that everybody can do as it takes a lot of patience and hard work!

Another exotic job is working at sea as a luxury yacht crew member. These people live in high class luxurious surroundings and only have to make sure that everything works perfectly while out sailing around the world without having to worry about anything else during their holidays. And yet this is still considered a job, and not just a holiday!

Although each person probably has his/her own idea about which job is considered the most exotic, it’s certain that any kind of activity that involves travelling abroad will be favoured over staying at home doing nothing. So why don’t you go out there and live life on the edge, explore the world and make some great memories that you’ll always treasure?

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