What are the best paying jobs in the world?

If you want a good paying job, you should consider one of these ten careers that will pay well in the future. The careers on this list are ranked by their annual median wage and include jobs for people with degrees in everything from engineering to nursing.

With a degree in chemical engineering, you can get paid more than $85,000 each year. You might not think it sounds like much, but that’s actually pretty good when you compare it to other high paying jobs.

Full-time animal trainers and specialists make around $50 per hour while software engineers only make $40 an hour on average. The median salary for animal trainers and specialists is around $55K per year while the national average software engineer makes about $81K annually.

We should mention though that the type of degree required for this job can help push its pay higher than usual. Since there aren’t a lot of people with engineering degrees who are also trained as animal handlers, competition for these jobs is fairly low which means you’ll be paid more than most people in similar positions.

This is another high paying job that requires special training to perform the duties working with animals (in this case, aquatic creatures) can take a lot of time and patience but the extra effort pays off well. You can expect annual wages ranging from $50K – $80K for this type of work.

Don’t worry if you didn’t study biology at school, because many programs allow students to specialize in certain areas later on after graduation. For example, aquatic animal specialists focus their studieson understanding fish anatomy, health issues and how they adapt to their environment while those who work with marine mammals may need a degree in zoology or veterinary science instead. This can help open up a lot of different opportunities in the animal sector.

It’s not as lucrative as it was before but, if you have a business degree, you can still earn an annual salary of $75K or more. Most people think that there’s less competition for high paying jobs with a major in business management than there is for most others, and this is true most of the time – especially when looking at entry-level roles in big companies which are what many new graduates usually aim for. Society still values people with business degrees so they are encouraged to work hard and move up over time.

You may be surprised by how much computer engineers make on average each year—about $80K according to data collected from 2o14 earnings estimates provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is actually what many people think a software engineer makes per year these days but, as mentioned before, the actual average salary for this job is $81K which means computer engineers make more than their counterparts in IT by around $1K annually .

Programmers usually have to design and write code that’s used by other developers on digital projects. For example, they might be tasked with developing programs that businesses use for online ordering or to help customers access account information via the internet. This can include anything from creating mobile applications to managing internet security protocols so these are pretty important jobs in today’s economy – especially if you’re looking at high paying careers like this one.

Most people who work as electricians between 25 – 34 years old earn around $60K each year before taxes. The median annual wage for electricians is typically between $49K-$62K per year .

There are a lot more jobs like this one that you might be interested in. Here’s an updated list of the highest paying jobs in the world. If you’re looking for a high paying job, consider any of these when planning your next level of education and training.

The top ten highest paying careers in the world:

10. Bioinformatics Analyst Average Annual Wage : $70,000 (approx.)

9. Semiconductor Process Engineer Average Annual Wage : $75,000 (approx.)

8. Civil Engineer Average Annual Wage : $80,000 (approx.)

7. Actuary Average Annual Wage : $82,000 (approx.)

6. Marketing Manager Average Annual Wage : $87,000 (approx.)

5. Computer Hardware Engineer Average Annual Wage : $90,000 (approx.)

4. Systems Architect Average Annual Wage : $91,000 (approx.)

3. Mathematician Average Annual Wage : $92,000 (approx.)

2. Anesthesiologist Doctor Average Annual Salary:$145 000 (Approximately)

1 .Yacht captain salary: $180 000 (approx.)

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