How to write the perfect CV

A CV is a document used by potential employees to signify their qualifications, skills and experience. It should be short and concise with no more than two pages-one page for education and one page for work experience. The applicant’s name should not appear anywhere on the CV as it is considered unprofessional and ineffective as a way of getting noticed.

Career expert Melanie Johnson says, “The most important thing to remember when writing a CV is that you are selling yourself to the employer. You need to highlight your skills and achievements in a clear way.”

Health Education Journalist Joanne Lockyer notes, “It’s best not to waffle on about your personal life or why you want the job. Provide only the necessary information without adding anything superfluous. It should be obvious if you have what it takes for the job as well as providing proof of experience so they don’t have to ask you for it.”

Resume writer Tony Beshara explains, “Creating an impressive CV will require that you include all pertinent facts about your work history including special projects and awards received. You will also need to specify any special skills you possess and be sure to remain up-to-date on the latest technology or software. This is what employers are looking for and it will get your resume a second glance.”

If you want to write the perfect CV, then check out these expert tips. Create a flawless CV that gets noticed by employers with these helpful hints about creating a well written document.

Establish Your Goals When writing your CV, you must have a specific purpose in mind before starting such as applying for work at particular company or business, or even establishing an internship placement. Make sure all of your statements and accomplishments are relevant to this goal so that each one is backed up with examples of past success. It’s important when writing a CV to focus on the job you are applying for and to tailor your background to this position.

If you’re going for an entry-level job, then use action verbs such as “Saved,” “Created,” or “Authored” instead of passive phrases such as “Assisted.” This type of language is much stronger and more effective when used in conjunction with quantification.

Accomplishments list should be at the top section of your CV, where it’s easily seen by all potential employers before they start reading through your education and work history. The achievements that will make employers sit up and take notice if they come across them are those which display initiative on your part, creativity, energy, ambition, determination, success, and a high degree of competence.

Make sure to round out your CV with volunteer work, courses taken, or even attendance at professional conferences that demonstrate your skills and ability to learn new things quickly. Some employers prefer not having any education listed first on a CV since they want to get straight to the meat of what they’re viewing-your experience in previous jobs. It is up to you if you include it or not.

If you have been unemployed for some time without a job history because you were caring for an ill family member, studying, or trying other things on your own, then this is where being creative will help sell yourself and bring attention back into the positive column towards hiring you as a potential employee. This includes self study classes you’ve taken, programs you’ve worked with or specialized training. Anything that is relevant to the position you are applying for should be included.

When it comes time to present your CV in person or via email, make sure to contact the company and find out what they prefer first before sending any documents their way. You may even want to bring copies of both a long-form version as well as a short one if asked. Print on high quality paper or have it ready digitally if emailed so that it looks professional and inviting to employers viewing your qualifications and experience right then without having to wait around for an office visit after hours.

What are the most exotic jobs on the planet?

Write an article about the most exotic jobs on the planet. Some of these jobs include being a safari guide, lion tamer and even working on a luxury yacht. The world is your oyster if you want to find an adventurous job that will help you live out your dreams!

To be a safari guide is an extremely exotic job. These people need to endure almost every kind of weather condition, from freezing cold temperatures in the artic, to the scorching heat on top of a desert dune. But they do not only get to see some of the most amazing animals on earth; they are also witnessing the magic of the wild and all its splendour first hand while helping tourists become one with nature.

To be a lion tamer is something that few would like to do because it’s very common that these big cats can suddenly change their mind about you, with you ending up as their lunch instead! And yet this is still considered quite an exotic job because these people have an extremely adventurous spirit and they are willing to risk their life for the thrill of living on the edge.

A chocolate manufacturer or confectioner is a very exotic job because these people get to see the whole process of making chocolate from planting cocoa beans all the way up until they are packaged and ready to be sold. This is an extremely good job if you like sweets, although it’s not one that everybody can do as it takes a lot of patience and hard work!

Another exotic job is working at sea as a luxury yacht crew member. These people live in high class luxurious surroundings and only have to make sure that everything works perfectly while out sailing around the world without having to worry about anything else during their holidays. And yet this is still considered a job, and not just a holiday!

Although each person probably has his/her own idea about which job is considered the most exotic, it’s certain that any kind of activity that involves travelling abroad will be favoured over staying at home doing nothing. So why don’t you go out there and live life on the edge, explore the world and make some great memories that you’ll always treasure?

Where should you look for the best jobs?

Write an article about how you should always be looking for the best job opportunities by using a variety of resources. You can use online databases, your friends and family, even the local newspaper to find the best opportunities in town. Career fairs are also an excellent place to meet employers and get a feel for what they’re like in person before you apply! In this article we’ll explore where you should look for great jobs.

The most obvious place to start searching for good jobs is a job board. You can almost always find a part-time or full-time job in your local paper, and many of them will list the qualifications that are being asked for. These include things such as “two years’ experience” or “a minimum of an Associates degree.” When you read these, you should make a note as to whether or not they’re relevant to your situation. If the newspaper says that all applicants must either be native to the United States or have a valid work visa, and you’re neither of those things, it’s probably a bad idea to apply for that job!

If you want another great way to find good jobs, try searching online. This will probably be the most effective way to find a job that fits your schedule and interests. You’ll find lots of jobs posted on websites like, which will usually tell you about what the job is and how much it pays along with other beneficial information such as the average hourly wage in that industry. You can also do this by using general job search engines such as and entering terms like “jobs in Alton,” for example, or whatever city you’re looking to find jobs in.

One of the most effective ways to get a job is simply by talking about it with people you know. If someone you know works somewhere that interests you, feel free to ask them a few questions about it. If they say something like “It’s not really worth the pay,” then avoid applying for that job! After all, if someone who already has experience there is telling you it’s not worth the trouble, there’s probably a reason behind it. You never know – that friend of yours may have found a better job and wouldn’t mind giving you the inside scoop!

The final way to find a good job is to simply go out and see what’s available. There are lots of places out there that offer jobs to people, such as libraries, grocery stores, clothing stores – these all have positions open for people who are interested. If you’re really serious about finding a good job, go to the library on your lunch hour and look through the help-wanted section; this is a great way to find out what kinds of jobs are available in your area.

In conclusion, there are many ways that you can find great jobs. You can check your local paper, you can search online with your favorite search engine, and you can even ask around!

The last way that I mentioned is a good thing to do if you’re looking for a job. If you talk to others about what they do in their lives, chances are one of them will have some sort of connection to other people who have jobs. If you get a recommendation from someone who already works for that company, then your job search just became much easier!

If any of my tips have helped you in the past, please feel free to share them with others as well! The more people we can help find jobs, the better off our economy will be! Be sure to share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites! Thanks for reading!

What the best way to write a resume?

It is not as easy as it may seem, and you must have all the proper information for your resume to be successful. You need to include your name, address, email, phone number and anything that is relevant to your work experience on the resume so that employers can find you easily. You should also include what type of skills you possess such as grammar, language proficiency or computer programming in order for employers to know what they are getting themselves into when they hire you!

-Also helpful is to have a resume that stands out from the rest. You can do this by having different fonts, using colors or even uploading an image of yourself on your resume. This will give employers something to focus on!

-Be sure to write in proper English and never use nicknames for anyone (family members are okay), this is proper etiquette and will help you in your career.

-Keep to the point and stay away from unnecessary information, this is not a place for random comments or jokes. Employers do not have time to read all of that; they just want honest facts!

-Make sure that your work experience is relevant to the position you are applying for. If it isn’t, you could lose out on a chance to be hired even if your resume is great.

-Overall, keep your resume very short and to the point! It doesn’t need to go on for pages. Just have enough in there so that employers know who you are and what you can do for them.

-If you are unsure about anything on your resume, feel free to ask someone in the career field for their opinion.

-Do not lie or use false information! This is illegal and will cause you more trouble than it is worth if the employer finds out before they hire you.

-Know how to write a resume properly, since this shows that you are looking for a career and not just any job. This may help you get the edge if a lot of people are applying for the same position.

-Lastly, remember that writing a resume can be dreadfully boring, so it is normal to feel overwhelmed or confused while writing one. After all, this is your future we are talking about!

In conclusion, writing a resume is not as easy as it may seem. It should only consist of relevant information and nothing more! Remember these tips to help you in your job search.

Good luck with that article about how to write a good resume and I hope this helped :). Cheers!

What are the best paying jobs in the world?

If you want a good paying job, you should consider one of these ten careers that will pay well in the future. The careers on this list are ranked by their annual median wage and include jobs for people with degrees in everything from engineering to nursing.

With a degree in chemical engineering, you can get paid more than $85,000 each year. You might not think it sounds like much, but that’s actually pretty good when you compare it to other high paying jobs.

Full-time animal trainers and specialists make around $50 per hour while software engineers only make $40 an hour on average. The median salary for animal trainers and specialists is around $55K per year while the national average software engineer makes about $81K annually.

We should mention though that the type of degree required for this job can help push its pay higher than usual. Since there aren’t a lot of people with engineering degrees who are also trained as animal handlers, competition for these jobs is fairly low which means you’ll be paid more than most people in similar positions.

This is another high paying job that requires special training to perform the duties working with animals (in this case, aquatic creatures) can take a lot of time and patience but the extra effort pays off well. You can expect annual wages ranging from $50K – $80K for this type of work.

Don’t worry if you didn’t study biology at school, because many programs allow students to specialize in certain areas later on after graduation. For example, aquatic animal specialists focus their studieson understanding fish anatomy, health issues and how they adapt to their environment while those who work with marine mammals may need a degree in zoology or veterinary science instead. This can help open up a lot of different opportunities in the animal sector.

It’s not as lucrative as it was before but, if you have a business degree, you can still earn an annual salary of $75K or more. Most people think that there’s less competition for high paying jobs with a major in business management than there is for most others, and this is true most of the time – especially when looking at entry-level roles in big companies which are what many new graduates usually aim for. Society still values people with business degrees so they are encouraged to work hard and move up over time.

You may be surprised by how much computer engineers make on average each year—about $80K according to data collected from 2o14 earnings estimates provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is actually what many people think a software engineer makes per year these days but, as mentioned before, the actual average salary for this job is $81K which means computer engineers make more than their counterparts in IT by around $1K annually .

Programmers usually have to design and write code that’s used by other developers on digital projects. For example, they might be tasked with developing programs that businesses use for online ordering or to help customers access account information via the internet. This can include anything from creating mobile applications to managing internet security protocols so these are pretty important jobs in today’s economy – especially if you’re looking at high paying careers like this one.

Most people who work as electricians between 25 – 34 years old earn around $60K each year before taxes. The median annual wage for electricians is typically between $49K-$62K per year .

There are a lot more jobs like this one that you might be interested in. Here’s an updated list of the highest paying jobs in the world. If you’re looking for a high paying job, consider any of these when planning your next level of education and training.

The top ten highest paying careers in the world:

10. Bioinformatics Analyst Average Annual Wage : $70,000 (approx.)

9. Semiconductor Process Engineer Average Annual Wage : $75,000 (approx.)

8. Civil Engineer Average Annual Wage : $80,000 (approx.)

7. Actuary Average Annual Wage : $82,000 (approx.)

6. Marketing Manager Average Annual Wage : $87,000 (approx.)

5. Computer Hardware Engineer Average Annual Wage : $90,000 (approx.)

4. Systems Architect Average Annual Wage : $91,000 (approx.)

3. Mathematician Average Annual Wage : $92,000 (approx.)

2. Anesthesiologist Doctor Average Annual Salary:$145 000 (Approximately)

1 .Yacht captain salary: $180 000 (approx.)

What’s the best job in the world?

It’s not just a matter of what you do, but where you do it! Some people might say that being a celebrity and living your life in the spotlight was the best job on earth, while others may disagree. But what about jobs that are considered more “normal” like being a doctor or an engineer? Let’s break them down and decide for ourselves which one is truly the best!

In the first place, what does a doctor do? A doctor helps to heal sick people. He also encourages other healthy people to lead healthier lives so that they can prevent sicknesses from happening in the future. Doctors also help to save life by performing surgeries such as heart transplants and organ transplants.

Doctors tend to work during typical working hours of either early morning or late afternoon until night as well as on weekends and public holidays due to emergency cases or scheduled operations needing their presence. Even though doctors have lighter workloads compared to engineers who are constantly on call 24/7 in most instances, doctors still need time for their own personal activities after work like being with their families outside of work hours.

A doctor not only needs vast knowledge of medical procedures and knowledge of the human anatomy, but also needs to be really good at communicating with people through his/her speech, reading and writing.

An engineer on the other hand is a person who specializes in scientific and practical problems related to engineering. Engineering requires strong logical skills which very few people possess naturally so it takes years of studying just to become a qualified one! Engineers are able to solve different types of problems including mathematical equations as well as various scientific or physic-related ones. An example would be how a car drives using its engines. Another example would be how windmills work due to their ability to generate energy from wind currents in order for mankind to use it later on for other purposes such as lighting lamps or even powering televisions.

Engineers tend to work continuously throughout the day and night on projects that they are currently assigned regardless if it is weekend or public holiday due to deadlines. Engineers in most instances have more workloads than doctors because engineers always need to be prepared for when problems come up (as in a natural disaster) where they can help either directly or indirectly with their knowledge of science and technology. However, even though engineers may not see patients as often as doctors do, engineers take pride in knowing that they truly make the world a better place through what they do everyday! 

Jobs on yachts are amongst the best and the most exiting jobs on earth! These jobs are given by the yacht owners to their part time or full time workers, who in turn will be fulfilling guest’s needs for them. They will be attending to their every need and wish – without questioning! Yacht workers have the best job on a boat because they do not need to spend money on clothing; everything they need is provided for them on board of the yacht, as well as free food and drinks all day long.

The yacht owner will usually hire people who are charming, talkative and have a welcoming personality so that guests feel comfortable when spending time with these crew members during their stay onboard of the luxury floating vessel. 

These jobs are not only reserved for people from Europe or America. People from can apply to work as well, as long as they are locals and their English is good enough. The only problem with these jobs would be the fact that you have to live in a boat or on a yacht for weeks, or even months without having any access to clean water (bathtubs), let alone any other normal facilities like your own bathroom!

These people get paid really well – at least $1000 per week for yacht jobs. If you think you have what it takes to do this job, then go ahead!

Over water bungalows with steps into amazing green lagoon

Working on private island as a manager or so, can be very rewarding if you enjoy nature and great weather all year round. The only downside would be the fact that you live on a private island, which can get quite boring after some time – especially if you are not used to isolation and being alone all year round.